• PROBLEM: Unit Not Cooling Properly

    Check to see if outdoor Condenser Coil is dirty. If a simple thorough wash with your water hose will get coil clean again so that it can properly allow movement through your coil to remove heat effectively and cool your home. If for some reason this does not work call a professional never attempt to open equipment, high voltage exist and can cause injury or death.

  • PROBLEM: Unit Cooling

    Check to see if there is any power going to your unit by checking if any breakers seem to be tripped. Reset and try to turn system back on. If breaker trips again immediately call a professional to inspect your system.

  • PROBLEM: My system seems to be running I can hear it on, but no air is coming out Of vents.

    Check indoor filter, a dirty filter will restrict air from properly going across Your evaporator coil and will result in your system freezing up. Your evaporator coil turns into a block of ice and no air can go through. Remove filter, turn system off and put fan button on the on position instead of its normal Auto position. This will allow your unit to defrost and perhaps solve your problem.