Go Green and Save Money – Replace Your Air Conditioner

CPS Rebates

In 2012, rebates are available from CPS Energy for Residential and Small Commercial Customers to replace their existing central air conditioning with a new central air conditioner. To qualify the new unit must have a minimjm 15 SEER raing and a 12.0 EER rating. Heat pumps will require a 15 SEER, 12.00 EER and an HSPF of 8.2 rating. This rebate does not apply to new home construction. To obtain further information, please call 210-353-2SAV or visit the CPS Energy website at www.cpsenergysavers.com

Steps to Follow

  • Visit cpsenergysavers.com and complet a home energy audit, you may be eligigle for an additional incentive.
  • Applications must be completed and submitted within 30 Days of istallation of the unit.
  • Applications must be signed by customer and contractor and icluded a copy of contractor’s invoice and AHRI Sheet.
  • Program may be discontinued by CPS Energy at anytime.
  • Contractor’s invoice must have model # and serial # of all equipment intalled: Condenser – Coil – Furnace.
  • Applications must be subjected to verification. If the verification cannot be completed the rebate will not be paid.
  • The rebate recipient must be a CPS Energy customer.
  • Submission of application does not guarantee a rebate.
  • Please allow 8 to 10 weeks after receipt of all documents for the rebate to appear as a credit on you CPS Energy account.
  • Mail all documents to: CPS Energy Efficiency Rebate Program, Mail Drop 340117, P.O. Box 1771, San Antonio, TX 78296
  • Or Email application to energy_efficiency@cpsenergy.com. Applicaitons can no longer be faxed.

New Tax Incentives Available for Air Conditioner Replacement

R22 vs. Puron

New Federal environmental requirements went into effect in 2010 regulating the coolant chemicals used in air conditioning systems. Presently most central air conditioning systems in use are known as HCFC’s (hydro-chloro-fluro-carbon). HCFC systems use a coolant gas known as R-22, the drawback to these systems is that they cause chlorine emissions. In case you did not know, chlorine gas emitted is a system byproduct that damages the ozone.

There is good news though; there is an approved alternative to R22, Puron. This coolant is also known as R410a – a new, chlorine-free and non-ozone damaging coolant in all air conditioners sold starting in 2010.

As it stands production of units using ozone-damaging R22 will through 2020 in the US. Change in regulation and increasing public awareness has caused all air conditioning manufacturers switch to using R410a. In fact, the price for units using R22 is rapidly rising while the cost for the more environmentally friendly Puron (R410a) units is dropping. These newer air conditioning units are far more energy efficient than the older units, saving homeowners a significant amount of money, especially here in the Lone Star state of Texas.

It is a fact that replacing your central air conditioning system can be costly. But the reality of buying a new HVAC system is that it is in fact a good investment. A more efficient air conditioning unit uses far less energy and can quickly pay for itself, especially when you take into account the tax incentive and rebates currently being offered. More and more San Antonio families and businesses are taking a smart step forward, making a financially sound decision and having new air conditioning units installed. So if you want it done right and installed for less call us MFM.

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