There are few things in life more frustrating than a broken AC, it’s hot and expensive. An HVAC Maintenance Plan can help fix these problems before they happen. We proactively perform maintenance on your air conditioner or furnace before peak energy usage seasons; we schedule service both in the spring (which includes the 28 point MFM Inspection and the Quality HVAC Tune-Up) and again in the fall. Pre-scheduling HVAC maintenance plan tune-ups simply save money and unnecessary energy consumption. When you choose service from My Fathers Mechanical everyone wins!

Why Have our HVAC Maintenance Plan?

MFM HVAC Maintenance not only includes all the benefits of our comprehensive Quality HVAC Inspection and MFM Quality Tune-Ups, it has other valuable benefits described below*.

  • Instant 15% discount on furnace and air conditioner parts and repair services and qualifying air quality products and services! On this plan saving money comes standard.
  • Priority Service means when you call, your needs come first, no matter how busy we are.
  • Ongoing Auto-Pay. Services re-new every year automatically.
  • Flexible Scheduling. Schedule service at convenient times unavailable to the public, because comfort comes first.
  • Biocide Evaporator Pan Treatment FREE with each Precision Tune-Up visit! Reduce the likelihood of algae and other fungus in the cooling equipment’s drain pan.
  • Blow out condensate drain lines

The whole point of having and Air conditioner and furnace is to be comfortable and with an MFM HVAC Maintenance Plan you can relax all year long, knowing that you did your part to keep up with your system.

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